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Making Fun Games for Brands

Hulk develops rich gaming experiences with Unreal Engine, Unity, and more.

Hulk specializes in emerging gameplay themes such as Web3, Speed Running, Only Up, Prop Hunt and Liminal Horror.

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01 Advertising Games Rich Media

Hulk takes your developed creative idea and makes it servable Rich Gamified Media. We tap into all the major dynamic in-game ad inventories globally.

02 Hulk Process

Our process begins with Discovery, Storyboard Development, then Coding.

Idiating Interactive Marketing Games

We have analyzed hundreds of games, evaluating the most compelling player experience for your audience.

Game Design Trailer

We provide a gameplay trailer for approval, feedback, and early marketing purposes

Tokenomics, Game Mechanic mathematical model development

We develop all gameplay mechanics, ensuring only fresh to market ideas are implemented.

Concept and Technical Development 

Hulk utilizes all the latest game development and design tools to efficiently create the best game experience for your users.

Gameplay Data Development

Hulk specializes in gaming data, and will create client facing reporting, leaderboards and other data integrations into social via Discord, Telegram.

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