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What does Hulk Look for in P2E Projects?

1. Proven Experience of the Founding Team

The founding team should be doxxed, unless in special cases. The team should also have experience in high-quality or AAA games, as well as experience in successful startups.

It is important that the team is well-rounded as the team needs to clearly articulate their vision and goals for the game and project confidence in the game. On the other hand, the ability to implement and manage project delivery is key as well.

2. Ability to Grow the Community

The team has a clear plan to grow and engage the community. The ability to grow and engage communities is a strong indication that the game will succeed. If the game is in the pre-launch, steady growth of social media followers and engagement from the community is crucial. The team must be able to create a strong hype and buzz online.

3. Fun Gameplay

The gameplay alone is appealing without the monetary incentive. Engaging gameplay is more resilient during a bear market and improves the longevity of the project.

A leader in the space by the number of players, or game reviews, in addition to a strong social media following.

4. Sustainable Tokenomics

The in game tokenomics has a well-defined plan to create a sustainable ecosystem within the game and for players. Payments to players are done in a sustainable and transparent manner. Uncapped tokens have their dilution offset by burns and use cases. Governance tokens are non-dilutive.

Overall, the allocations and vesting schedules of relevant tokens are fair and responsibly executed to allow for the community and early supporters to capture gains as the project grows. Smart contracts have restrictions to prevent the project team and advisors from dumping in order to cash out.

5. Clear Roadmap

The roadmap should be well defined, realistic, and executed according to schedule. The team needs to have a strong ability to manage delivery efficiently.

6. Projects are NFT-based

Our guild-based model revolves around NFT-based games. NFT-based games allow us to generate yield by owning game assets and lending them to players.

7. The Right Project Life Cycle

The game is already live or within 3 months from launch. We leverage our group of players to generate a yield from game assets and help grow the ecosystem. Internal support for guild activities that allow us to rent, or provide scholarships, is a plus.

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